As many of you parents of autistic children know, repetition can be a common and sometimes annoying trait. This includes but is not limited to repetitive movements,gestures, and/or verbal phrases. Initially after the munchkin started becoming more verbal (around middle school) I would just be glad he was saying anything at all, even if it was the only thing he said repeatedly, for weeks.

Random stranger: Hi, what’s your name?

The munchkin: Hi, what’s your name?

Me: 😁

The munchkin: Hi, what’s your name?

Then I got sick of it. So began the shushing.

Me: Shhh! Be quiet!

The munchkin: Shhh! Be quiet!

Me: OMG seriously?!

The munchkin: Shhh! Be quiet! 🤫Shhh! Be quiet!

Now, when the munchkin gets off the school bus he runs through the front door saying to me for umpteenth time “JUNE! JULY! AUGUST! That’s almost 3 months!!!!!” You see I have promised to take the munchkin on a few excursions during his summer vacation. It’s hard to go back on your word for something that you are constantly being reminded of. Don’t fight the repetitive nature, use it to refocus your energy on fulfilling said promise(s). If you happen to live or be in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area there are some very fun things to do in the summer (or whenever, but probably better when it’s warm) that the munchkin really enjoyed. I will discuss two of those things here. If your munchkin likes boats and is not afraid of being on the water I suggest taking a ride out with Big D Cats 1481 E Hill Park Road, Lewisville, Texas 75056. My munchkin and I were initially invited to ride this “party boat” for a birthday celebration (Thanks Natasha Rene). Even tho my munchkin was the only one underage on the boat (you do have to fill out and sign a waiver), the entire crew and staff were accommodating and friendly. The captain even let the munchkin steer the ship. He also let me know that on certain days he takes children with autism out for 1 hour rides for FREE.

The second place I would like to mention is The Social House, 2708 Routh St., Dallas, Texas 75201. This restaurant is not your typical sit down and eat restaurant. The back patio can be reserved for parties and is completely set up with games that include several giant sized connect 4 racks, a ping-pong table, hula hoops, bean bag toss, and much much more.

Please comment down below: What are your munchkins favorite places to go or things to do during the summer?

Big D Cats Photo by me 😁

The Social House Photos by DG Photography

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