# TeamOrganization


The munchkin: We need to go to HEB

Me: Not today baby, I have class this evening.


The munchkin: We need to go to HEB

Me: Not today baby.

Wednesday *in the middle of my workout *

The munchkin: We need to go to HEB

Me: Ok, why don’t you make a list for mommy? (Even at the age of 15 writing out his thoughts or needs is something the munchkin has NEVER done before. I thought it would buy me some time.) 😏

*three minutes later*

The munchkin yelling from the kitchen: How do you spell pretzels?!

Me: 😂 P. R. E. T. Z. E. L. S.

*A few minutes later the munchkin hands me this:

I’m beyond pleased and surprised. Once again I’ve underestimated the munchkin. Not only does the munchkin notice when we run out of certain things in the kitchen, he rarely forgets library books, movies, (no more late fees) or his gym clothes. The munchkins relentless attention to detail is now officially part of our family’s #teamorganization

Has your munchkin surprised you with their abilities? How do you incorporate your munchkins abilities into your family dynamic?

Photo by me.

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