Words of Encouragement

As a single mom, working two jobs is how I am currently able to sustain the munchkin and myself. This consists of a regular Monday thru Friday job, and a second job where I work alternating weekends. On the weekends I’m at work, because the munchkin is not in school, my dad has munchkin monitoring duty. So today when I got off from work I went to my dads to pick up the munchkin and my dad says to me, “ I’ve got a story to tell you really quick.”

Dad: For the past several days the munchkin has been asking me for the chocolate I have in the fridge.

Me: Oh, yeah he is used to those Hershey bars you sometimes give him.

Dad: Yeah, but this time I told him no. For several days he has been asking and I keep telling him “NO”. So today when he asked I just broke off a small piece and let him have it and…..

Me: 😂

Dad: I was telling him no because it’s an 85% cocoa dark chocolate that’s extremely bitter. He just kept asking so I finally let him have it.

Me: 😂

The Lesson: Sometimes not getting what you want can be a good thing, regardless of what it looks like on the surface.

Photo by DG Photography

Please comment down below, What lessons have you learned from observing your munchkin?

4 thoughts on “Words of Encouragement

  1. Well, I learned that just because something looks good, sweet, and enticing doesn’t mean it’s pleasing for you! Hehehehe Hahahahah!!

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