Easy Does It

“Your child is a “low functioning autistic””.

I was told this right after the munchkin started elementary school. He started off in an ALE class but it was still sensory overload for him. He spent most of his school day running (or attempting to run) out of the room. He was immediately transferred to a special autism unit where only children on the spectrum were in class and had a lower ratio of students to teachers.

As a single mom taking this news in was hard. Learning daily how to deal with him and his sometimes unpredictable behavior in public was hard.

Easy does it.

Being in this autism unit allowed the munchkin to tap a talent I didn’t know he had. Swimming.

The munchkin swims with ease.

I don’t know how. He was never formally taught yet intuitively he knows.

While walking around Phil Hardberger Park with the munchkin I found myself thinking 🤔 gosh this is easy, all these trails are paved or gravel. There are no steep inclines or declines. The first trails the munchkin and I started out on were level 3 or 4 in difficulty.

Where’s the challenge?!

Today we got to take it easy. The only caveat I have with this park is the number of bikers also on the trails. The munchkin sometimes isn’t aware of them needing to pass. This park is also pet friendly ☺️.

My greatest life lessons I’ve learned from the munchkin. I’ve come to appreciate each moment of being his mom regardless of how hard or easy they may seem.

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