Who?!? 🤔🤨

I’m totally new to blogging and posting content on the internet but today I actually feel like I’ve finally “Made It”. 😂

Yes that’s right!

Someone out there is treating me (single mom of autistic child) like a STAR 💫!

This person thought that by googling my email address they would find out something about me,… I’m not exactly sure what they were looking for but maybe they had some extra time on their hands today.

My first thought was well, maybe you should just let this slide and let it go. But then I was like….

For several reasons really,

First, because it’s funny 😆

Second, because I can 😏 #teampetty

Third, because this ish is funny

“He who will not be named” ( the munchkin and I love Harry Potter 😝) contacted me earlier today via email from my contact page, and called me “Wayne” (which is not my name). When I mentioned this fact to “he who will not be named”, his response was an attached link with that name and my email address listed underneath it. When you actually click the “about” link next to “Wayne”, 2 completely different email addresses show up. I emailed him with this info and never heard another response from “he who will not be named”. 🧐🙄

I know this is a lot to take in because it is for me as well…. just stay with me ok? Ok!

I started this blog for one reason and one reason only: To share my experience with the munchkin in hopes of helping someone else. Being a single parent is tough. Being a single parent to a child with autism or any other disability is even tougher. Most people treat you like you have cooties when they find out your child has a disability. It’s like they care for your situation sympathy wise, but they keep their distance. This makes it hard to build friendships. I’m here to be your “community ” if that’s what you feel you need and you are a single parent of a child with disabilities like me. I’m not trying to be internet famous although the thought has crossed my mind (lol! What can I say I’m childish).

I enjoy this WordPress community and I enjoy creating content for you guys but there needs to be some boundaries.


Yes, boundaries for mine and the munchkins safety. If you cross them without my consent well…. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Cuz no one I know is gangsta enough or about that life 😂😂😂

I’m sorry this is just too funny to me!

Robyn I know you read some of my posts. Has this ever happened to you where someone contacted you acting like they knew something about you with a bunch of wrong information? Don’t leave your response in the comments down below use the contact page. 😆😄😂



I promise my next post will be back on topic 😬

4 thoughts on “Who?!? 🤔🤨

  1. I can only apologise for my mistake. I am a person that will hold my hands up and say when I’ve got something wrong, and in this case I clearly have.

    I have been trolled recently, and your e mail didn’t appear to have come through my contact page, so I checked, and clearly didn’t check thoroughly enough.

    I am truly sorry for my mistake.

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  2. This was a genuine mistake, but I do feel bad that it has affected you. I have sent a more thorough e mail to explain why there was a mix up, and once again I am sorry.

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