“100 Sit-Ups!”

“I do 100 sit-ups every night, and I hate every single one of them!”

-Temple Grandin PhD


***(Please consult your doctor before performing any of the diet or exercises in this post). ***

Recently, following the advice of Dr. Grandin to “try different things” we started by adding one unprocessed fruit and one unprocessed vegetable to what the munchkin and I normally eat. The munchkin chose broccoli and watermelon for this past week. We had no problem with the watermelon but after day three, the munchkin was just not interested in eating anymore broccoli. I learned from observing his behavior that he will eat the vegetables so long as it isn’t the same one he had the day before. He actually prefers variety.

Dr. Grandin also mentions physical activity to help people on the autism spectrum. Currently the munchkin and I walk outdoors for exercise. On days where we aren’t able to go outside, we have learned some static exercises that build strength and can be done at home.

Lol! We can strengthen our abs without sit-ups.

Don’t be too critical of the munchkins form as we are working on this. So far we can hold poses for 10 seconds but we would like to work up to 30 seconds per pose.

Our 3 Favorite Static Poses: (demonstrated below by the munchkin 😉)

1. “Chair Pose” Used to strengthen legs and improve balance

2. “Side Plank” Strengthens entire body

3. “Forearm Plank” Strengthens entire body

Please comment down below:

What is/are your favorite at home exercise(s)?

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