My Super Sweet 16 ❣️

WOW! MTV really set the bar high with this one 😳.

I think 🤔 I can hang, but let’s see?…

  • Lavish parties with performers like Usher/Niki Minaj? Nope
  • Luxury cars with giant bows on the top in the driveway/garage? Nope
  • Host a giant party on/in a private yacht/island/castle with a bunch of teenagers the munchkin and I barely know? Nope

All I have are 3 days and a few family members who were as excited about this milestone for the munchkin as I was. As my sons sixteenth birthday quickly approached I racked my brain for interesting things we could do with a 3 day weekend (his birthday happened to fall on a Friday so I was going to use this extra day as leverage 😏). My older brother, who had recently moved from New York City to San Francisco, kept encouraging me to visit and “bring the munchkin “. Several blogs and travel sights also recommended San Francisco for “weekend getaways” 😬. I checked the weather for the end of March/early April and decided it would be the perfect time for us visit Northern California.

Our plane landed in San Francisco mid morning on Friday. We spent some time at Mission Dolores Park and later had lunch while I tried to figure out what I thought the munchkin would enjoy for his sweet sixteen birthday. Then it hit me! 🎉

UBER dropped us off in front of Ghirardelli Square.

*Tip: Children, especially ones with special needs like autism, can be very sensitive to the energy you bring to a situation. Keep calm. If your original plan or idea isn’t quite what you thought it would be explore your surroundings.

**Reality: The line for the dessert bar 🍫 was out the door which led us to exploring and hanging out on the beach which may have been the best part of this venture.

San Francisco Maritime

“What’s the plan for tomorrow?”, my older brother asked me. “We want to see the sequoia trees” was my immediate response.

We drove to Yosemite National Park the very next morning using a rental car.

*Tip: Lots of people tend to find being in nature calming the munchkin included. I always try to work some time out in nature into any travel plans. Also being in nature doesn’t mean you have to hike for miles. Actually I have found we don’t even have to get out of the car as driving through very natural areas can have that same calming effect.

**Reality: This early in the season none of the shuttles were running so we had to walk to the Mariposa trail entrance. 😬

*Tip: Since this was an “off season” time for travel in that area the park wasn’t busy with lots of people. Also, the snow was packed in / beginning to melt so walking outdoors wasn’t too bad but we were wearing layered shirts and jackets accompanied with waterproof hiking boots.

**Reality: I got blisters from all the walking and we never made it to the “fallen tunnel tree”. 🤷🏾‍♀️ We did, however drive through the entire park and made time to stop at several scenic areas to take pics.

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park

San Francisco, California is great for short day or weekend trips even if you are flying in from out of town.

**Reality: This was super hard to pull off and still be home and ready to go to work/school on Monday. All that withstanding, the munchkin had a blast! 😂

Comment down below, what’s your family’s favorite weekend trip? 🚗😁

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