“Currently On Holiday”

Life truly is like a box of Bertie Bott’s Every flavour jelly beans, sometimes it’s like poop 💩, other times it’s like pineapple 🍍. You just never know what flavour of day/week/month/year you’re going to get. 😅🤷🏾‍♀️

Thanks to Cor….. ‘the virus that will not be named’, 🙄 the munchkin is out of school for another week. Even though I still have to work this week, I’m treating life as if we are “ currently on holiday”.

Reality: All of our extra curricular activities that involved being around people, have been canceled, and terms like “self quarantine” and “social distancing” are trending.🙄


So Friday evening the munchkin and I went out to play frisbee golf ⛳️ . We are normally the only ones on the course so I considered us well within “social distancing” protocol. The few people that were at the park, were very far apart from each other, and I got to observe 2 runners give themselves ‘virtual high-fives’ (🙌🏾<—like this pic where the hands don’t actually touch), after finishing the course. 😳 Of course the munchkin and I had a blast and when we got home, washed our hands. 😊


Saturday we went to the grocery store, and this is when I became slightly annoyed with our ‘holiday’. Entire shelves were empty despite there being quite a few people in the store shopping. As the munchkin and I are making our way down one of the isles I notice his nose starting to run 🤦🏾‍♀️. I completely forgot it’s the beginning of allergy season and didn’t bring any tissue with us. A man across the isle from us gives me a dirty look as I used the underside of the munchkins t-shirt to wipe his nose 🤧 quickly. (Side note: the munchkin didn’t touch anything and I didn’t either unless we knew for sure we were purchasing it.) As we rounded the end cap I noticed more shoppers and suddenly felt the urge to cough and sneeze at the same time. I’m a healthy person who sometimes experiences mild seasonal allergies and I have never in my life, been this self conscious about sneezing in public. 😩 We make it home safely with food and wash our hands. 🥗😊


Saturday night I was supposed to take the munchkin to observe live musicians and dancers (including me💃🏾) at a Persian restaurant, but the ‘virus that will not be named’ eliminated that. 😈I end up doing what any self respecting woman does on a Saturday night with no place to go. I wash my hair.🧖🏾‍♀️ The munchkin plays video games and washes his hands.👨🏾‍💻

Me doing a quick length check before washing my hair.


Today (Sunday) I have a private lesson scheduled with 2 of my dance instructors. Since these are private lessons (just the instructor, the munchkin, and I) and not group classes, I again decide they fall well within the confines of ‘social distancing ‘. I had a free hour between these two private lessons so I decided to take the munchkin for a short walk at a nearby park before the second class started. This park was empty. 🚶🏾‍♂️🚶🏾‍♀️


When we returned to the dance studio after our walk in the park I could hear music playing from out in the parking lot. All the live musicians and singers from last nights show were in the dance studio rehearsing! In total there were 8 of us.

Guy on keyboard: 🎶

Dance instructor: “no need for words”

Me with zills: 💃🏾

The munchkin: 👨🏾‍💻

We had a fantastic day and when we got home we washed our hands.

The munchkins face after our walk


Moral of this story: The munchkin and I are just regular human beings. Human beings will not always experience the same flavour bean in life. If I get rotten egg flavour and you get apple flavour, I don’t expect you to pretend like you have rotten egg flavour just because that’s what I got. Just because I chose to focus on creating positive experiences for my child even during these trying times, doesn’t mean I don’t take them seriously 😌.

Also, I do have one favor to ask of all of you. For lots of children school is where they receive their only meal of the day. With schools closed quite a few of them will go hungry. Please support in anyway you can your local food bank/ senior pantry. Please help your neighbors if you know they are struggling. Please, after doing this, don’t expect anything in return. 💜


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