What’s Missing?

The Munchkin: “Can we go get a haircut, and then go to the movies?” Me: “No.” The Munchkin: “Because they’re not open.” Me: “Yes.” Some of the things the munchkin learned to enjoy despite occasional sensory overload include: hiking, going to the movie theater/basketball games/live music events, swimming, and now apparently keeping his hair a […]

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“Currently On Holiday”

Life truly is like a box of Bertie Bott’s Every flavour jelly beans, sometimes it’s like poop 💩, other times it’s like pineapple 🍍. You just never know what flavour of day/week/month/year you’re going to get. 😅🤷🏾‍♀️ Thanks to Cor….. ‘the virus that will not be named’, 🙄 the munchkin is out of school for […]

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Getting showered and dressed: 1 hour 🚿 Commute: 2 hours (round trip) 🚘 Homework: 1-2 hours (on a good day 😅) Having the entire family stuck in the house all at once: Timeless ⌚️ Coronavirus COVID-19: What will you do with all the time that you’ve saved?

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Grown Up Hobbies 🕺🏽💃🏾

Instructor: What you need to focus on for this years’ recital is the ‘mawwal’. Me: ma-what? …………………………………………………💫💫💫💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💫……………………………… There are several ways to learn about other cultures when you either can’t afford or just aren’t capable of (for whatever reason) traveling outside the US. Internet 🖥 Library 📚 Television/ YouTube 📺 Or…..engage in a hobby that […]

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Story Time! 📚

“I want some story time please “, the munchkin tells me thrusting a book (or my iPad) into my hands. 📖 What this usually entails is me reading aloud while the munchkin continues to play video games on his iPad. If I stop reading he will: 1. stop playing and look at me. 👀 2.stop […]

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What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

“What kind of shoes was he wearing?” I stared at her incredulous. My heart was beating frantically in my throat. It’s early afternoon in the fall of 2009* where only moments ago I had been jarred awake by our dog who was frantically barking. The front door of my home is ajar with no munchkin […]

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“100 Sit-Ups!”

“I do 100 sit-ups every night, and I hate every single one of them!” -Temple Grandin PhD 😂 ***(Please consult your doctor before performing any of the diet or exercises in this post). *** Recently, following the advice of Dr. Grandin to “try different things” we started by adding one unprocessed fruit and one unprocessed […]

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Making Paper

“Mom, can we go to the movies today?” my son asks me as we are heading home. “Can we go on Monday?” I ask in response. “Yes!” the munchkin tells me excited he gets to go to the movies. Two years ago the answer would’ve been no and not just because he was easily overstimulated […]

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